The Gotobeds at the Soda Bar Nov. 9th

Newly signed to SubPop,The Gotobeds performed at the Soda Bar on November 9th promoting their 2016 release with the parodic title Blood//Sugar//Secs//Traffic. Young and looking like permanent residents of a tour van, the band is upbeat and energetic though it’s not hard to imagine these guys stumbling out of that hot boxed van with beer bottles tumbling out seconds before taking the stage.

First-timers in San Diego, The Gotobeds’ are a Post-punk quartet sounding somewhat like the Strokes with a blend of more unconventional indie rock and noise rock. The band’s various tempo changes and skilled guitar dueling that provides a cool stereo effect, were at times reminiscent of San Diego’s own indie rock band No Knife.

Twice throughout the show, the band partook in a seemingly ceremonial round of mid-set tequila shots. A third proposition by chatty singer/guitarist Eli Kason, possibly nervous due to the intimate setting of the venue, was refused by the rest of the band and the music continued. The show, at times, felt more like a frat party than a rock show, but it was a good show nonetheless with plenty of energy, only a minimal amount of pretentiousness, and enough tequila to make The Gotobeds go to bed early.

Kason, who’s showmanship sometimes border lined with showboating, proceeded to wrap his entire head in masking tape for the finale, seemingly having nothing more to say. An appropriate ending, if anything, for such an eccentric performance. As the ringing subsides from the Soda Bar patrons’ ears, the band continues their North American tour and Blood//Sugar//Secs//Traffic sits on the shelves awaiting your hard-earned dollar bills.

The Gotobeds

Photo by Shawn Brackbill. Courtesy of SubPop.