All music submissions can be sent to Here are a few notes and guidelines to keep in mind:

The reason we do this is to share music and art that excites us. Please send us your work to check out. Time is not a consideration for what we review. If it came out 20 years ago or 20 days ago, we have the same process of listening and potentially writing a review. Overall we are not going to review something to just slam how lame it is to us. If we like it then we will want to share that with everyone else. That being said, we may or may not respond to your submission so please don’t take offense if you don’t hear back from us. Not everything will get reviewed, but everything will get listened to and considered.

Music Submission Guidelines
Subject of email should start with “Music Submission:” and include artist name and song or album title. This helps us to weed out spam from legitimate submissions.
Please attach an mp3 of your submission in the email. You can also provide a direct link to your mp3, which is a URL with an ending “.mp3″ extension

If you have artwork or photos that may be useful in the review, please include them. Of course it is beneficial to let us know about what you are doing so we can understand the context and perspective that you are coming from. Give us the scoop!

Also, give us any pertinent links so if your work is reviewed we can direct people to the appropriate place to find out more, purchase your work or contact you in blissful fandom.

Album Submissions for Review
If you would like to get your album reviewed by Monofesto, please send an email to following these guidelines:

Subject of email should start with “Album Submission:” and should include artist name and album title.

Please provide one song from the album as an attachment.
Include the album cover, tracklisting, release date, and any other information you would like to include.

We look forward to hearing your music and seeing any art you are making!

Literary and Short  Fiction Submissions

Subject of email should start with “Literary Submission:” and should include writer name and work title.

We are looking for contemporary literary work.

Monofesto is also open for accepting published novels for review. Please attach a letter of introduction and a sample chapter or excerpt for consideration.

Short fiction is also open for consideration and will be given a chance to be published upon the website.

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