Metz Blow The Casbah’s Walls Down on 12/13

IMG_0349 IMG_0350 IMG_0351 IMG_0352The Casbah has come close many times to having its walls blown down by unforgivingly loud rock music but never as close to it as when Metz plays. Quite arguably one of the loudest bands on the planet, Metz did not disappoint their fans with Wednesday night’s explosive performance.

The three piece from Toronto played unpretentiously with no flare and no gimmicks, just pure unadulterated rock. Distorted, loud and energetic rock. They don’t change instruments or tune mid-set, nor do they talk between songs (except to call out the typical Casbah meathead for being a douche.) They just play distorted, loud and energetic rock. And they do it well.

Guitarist and vocalist Alex Edkins’ energetic leadership on stage backed by drummer Hayden Menzies thundering beats and bassist Chris Slorach’s heavily distorted bass make for an intense head-banging experience. This most recent Casbah setlist consisted of songs spanning their entire three-album catalog from the first self-titled effort to their latest release, “Strange Peace,” and including the B-side single “Eraser,” which is no exception to their repertoire of neck-breaking heavy hitters.

With the aforementioned three albums under their belts, Metz shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. They are a hard-working, constantly touring band who unfortunately do not make it out to San Diego as often as their local fans would like so catch them while you can when they come around because they are absolutely worth the time and the ear bleeds.

All Photos By Jennifer Morgan.

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