On the Horizon: Privet

Privet’s William Hagen (left) and Sean Walsh as featured in a SD Reader photo and article.

As part of our On the Horizon series we feature upcoming, highly anticipated albums about to make a splash upon the scene. Word has it that Privet’s new album is a few bells and whistles away from completion, and this is good news indeed for all those thirsty for more of their enchantingly textured creations. Ever elusive in categorization, Privet both encapsulates and transcends the ambient alternative sound of North County San Diego from which they derive. Once again impressively handling the entirety of the production themselves,  Privet’s core duo of William Hagen and Sean Walsh remain dedicated to their “grassroots” approach to recording (as discussed in a feature in the SD Reader).

Monofesto will surely be covering the album release and hopefully sit down with the gentlemen of Privet for an accompanying interview, but the purpose of this feature is to provide a chance to discover or reacquaint yourself with their previous offerings. Thanks to Privet’s generous bandcamp uploads, you can conveniently check out their back catalog below.

Although it has been almost three years since their last full album, their self-titled debut, they have been consistently writing and recording. The Duo EP and their most recent soundtrack work for the award winning short documentary Sweet, Sexy Ocean have teased at the exciting progression of their work as a band. Sharply orchestrated and layered with vocals and lyrical stories that appropriately sync with the emotive effectiveness of the music, Privet is self-proclaimed as haunting, but rather than torturously reflective they are stirring in a heart swelling, mindfully expansive way. We fully recommend their music as a listening experience.  Can’t wait till they get back out to the local venues soon.

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