It’s Gonna Blow! San Diego Music Culture Examined 1986-1996

Bill at the Che CafeIt’s been brewing for months. Local San Diego filmmaker Bill Perrine has made a fairly comprehensive look at the San Diego music scene from 1986-1996. This particular span was chosen as it was a time that shifted from the violent hardcore punk shows of the mid-eighties to a new more artistic, free-spirited movement in the early nineties. Eventually with the rise of the massive money-making bands like Green Day and Nirvana, many locations around the country became to focus of the “Next Seattle”. Bill Perrine takes this angle interestingly depicting a small town of misfits that transformed into a media frenzy of music business culture. There are some omissions that I wish were included, but overwhelmingly the response has been very positive. I, for one, have seen the film four times and look forward to a chance to see it again. “It’s Gonna Blow!” has some great archival footage from the day, a time for me as a crusty 42-year-old would call a golden age in San Diego music history. It’s highly enjoyable and crosses the line from music nerd territory into what is simply an informative and entertaining look at the influence of lucre on an initially innocent misfit art-rock community. Screenings have been happening all around the country. Next up… San Francisco. If you are within a reasonable drive, I can’t recommend it more. Go see this film! It Rules!

Wednesday, January 28th. Balboa Theater. 3630 Balboa, San Francisco, CA

 Pitchfork, Rio's, San Diego, CA, 1/2/89. Image Copyright © Miki Vuckovich 1989

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