Brisbane Australia’s Milton Man Gogh – Stretching Out with New Album!

5fcf52cb-9f40-458c-9fbf-b1f4ca828eb2The new album “Stress to Impress” by Milton Man Gogh gets you thinking. A trio of acoustic bass, tenor sax and drum kit could be coming at you from all sorts of directions. But it’s not the backing music for a cocktail reception. It’s not trying to recapture the time capsule of 1950’s nostalgia. Jazz has been caught in a trap of it’s own greatness. The world doesn’t really need another Coltrane or Art Blakey. We were lucky enough to get that the first time around. Now it’s time to expand on the tradition. Reimagining the past in the style of the masters is low hanging fruit. Milton Man Gogh have their ladders out. This music can be challenging but the excitement and wildness of their sound might actually invigorate a new generation of appreciation. Nice work on this one!

From the band’s press release:

Milton Man Gogh (MMG) is an experimental trio, formed as an outlet for the members to play the original compositions that no-one else wanted to play. Having performed and recorded together in various freelance and original settings over the last few years, the boys felt that the combination of shit yarns, shit music, a tortured, self-mutilating artist and a certain domestic beer made perfect sense; they decided to go ahead and give it a man gogh.

The result is the amalgamation of the core influences from each of the members; jazz, prog, contemporary classical and metal. Equally comfortable plundering sounds from Meshuggah and Donny McCaslin to Aphex Twin and Bela Bartok, MMG seeks to explore personal inquiry through composition, ultimately being brought to life in the studio and live performance.

Metz Blow The Casbah’s Walls Down on 12/13

IMG_0349 IMG_0350 IMG_0351 IMG_0352The Casbah has come close many times to having its walls blown down by unforgivingly loud rock music but never as close to it as when Metz plays. Quite arguably one of the loudest bands on the planet, Metz did not disappoint their fans with Wednesday night’s explosive performance.

The three piece from Toronto played unpretentiously with no flare and no gimmicks, just pure unadulterated rock. Distorted, loud and energetic rock. They don’t change instruments or tune mid-set, nor do they talk between songs (except to call out the typical Casbah meathead for being a douche.) They just play distorted, loud and energetic rock. And they do it well.

Guitarist and vocalist Alex Edkins’ energetic leadership on stage backed by drummer Hayden Menzies thundering beats and bassist Chris Slorach’s heavily distorted bass make for an intense head-banging experience. This most recent Casbah setlist consisted of songs spanning their entire three-album catalog from the first self-titled effort to their latest release, “Strange Peace,” and including the B-side single “Eraser,” which is no exception to their repertoire of neck-breaking heavy hitters.

With the aforementioned three albums under their belts, Metz shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. They are a hard-working, constantly touring band who unfortunately do not make it out to San Diego as often as their local fans would like so catch them while you can when they come around because they are absolutely worth the time and the ear bleeds.

All Photos By Jennifer Morgan.

Alex Bloom – One More Shot

Going on a teeny tiny bit of information, I don’t have many details to relate to you. But I will say this…
Once in a while a song drifts by you and you could just listen to it all day. You sort of wish you had written it. But you are happy it exists regardless of penmanship credits. I dig this song. Thank you Alex Bloom. You done Good!

Full album out on December 8th

The Blue Room album release show will be at Hotel Cafe on Wednesday, Dec 6.

BLUE ROOM_preview

Last Chance to “Go See It” – Father John Misty – Oct. 5 – The Observatory North Park

There are still tickets available to go see Father John Misty this Thursday night at the The Observatory North Park. We highly recommend seizing the opportunity. The Friday night show at The Observatory is sold out and tickets are going fast for Thursday.  This is a great venue to see one of the most talked about live shows of the year. 

When Father John Misty kicked off his international tour in support of his astute new album, Pure Comedy, Monofesto offered the Top 5 reasons the FJM live show is a must see experience. All these reasons hold true, but we became strikingly aware that we missed one huge element: THE INCREDIBLE BACKING BAND. The shows have been complete with deep horn and string sections bringing the rich orchestrations from the past two albums to life. Check out this recent live stream below to see just how BIG these reflective folk rock genre bending ballads can sound with the current stage line-up:


Ground Patrol’s DRIFT

Art As Catharsis are proud to announce the first single from DRIFT, the debut album from the New York / Sydney duo Ground Patrol.

How to explain the sound of Ground Patrol?

With just two members, this group has managed to take the trance-like repetition of Dawn Of Midi and the spatial-sonic exploration of The Necks to new levels.

Their debut album consists of four improvised pieces, each beginning with a short musical theme which loops upon itself, but never perfectly. These unbalanced or slightly out of phase loops work with and against one another, generating a kinetic charge that brings the theme to life. The theme begins to transform, surging forward with ever-more energy, and morphing into unexpected new forms with all the random beauty of organic evolution. Within a piece their sound might shift rapidly from raw and heavy blocks of sound to subdued, trance-like polyrhythmic meditations.

Like Battles on a heroic dose of LSD, Ground Patrol transforms what would be inert musical cells into an ever-blooming fractal. Their process is a deliberate reaction against music that is overly mathematical, careful, or precious. The duo eschew order for flow, embracing chance and randomness with an approach that relies on the dialogue and spontaneity of live performance, and is rooted in the physicality and response of their instruments.

This trans-continental duo is comprised of New York-based guitarist Kyle Sanna and Sydney-based drummer Alon Ilsar. Kyle is deeply immersed in New York’s improvised music scene, and has performed with virtuosos like Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, and Chris Thile, and in venues like Bach House in Eisenach, the Sultan of Oman’s Royal Opera House, and Carnegie Hall.

Alon Ilsar has been a member of a multiple, vital Australian experimental acts, including the experimental pop group Gauche, avant-garde metal band Darth Vegas, and electronic future-jazz trio The Sticks. More recently, he has collaborated with the Neshamah Dance Company and Trevor Dunn.

ground patrol drift

Metz Release “Strange Peace”

IMG_0347“Strange Peace” is the third full-length release by Canadian noise rockers Metz, an album which is as much classic Metz as it is a progressive dive into new and uncharted musical waters for the band.

The new album opens with the heavy-hitting “Mess of Wires” which leaves listeners with precious little time to take a decent breath before the sonic explosion begins. “Strange Peace” is riddled with the fast-paced heavy hitters we’ve come to expect from the band, though several are others are slightly less typical. Songs such as “Cellophane”, and “Dig a Hole” are a bit more melodic and, dare I say, poppy with vocals seemingly channeling Jello Biafra. Other songs like “Sink” are a dramatic change from what we are used to hearing from the trio as it is much more slow-paced and quiet with the chiming harmonics of the bass guitar being the predominate riff. Very Sonic Youth and very cool.

Nirvana and the Pixies come to mind at times throughout the album, which is not surprising since, like Metz with “Strange Peace,” both bands have at one time been recorded by the one and only Steve Albini who carries such claims to fame as “In Utero” and “Surfer Rosa.”

The final track, “Raw Materials” is the album’s magnum opus clocking in at almost six minutes long (close to twice the length of the average Metz song.) The track is multi-tiered with many sonic ups and downs proving the band has progressed enormously since their 2012 debut.

Strange Peace will appease both the worst of rock critics and the best of Metz fans as it is an extraordinary effort from a band who remains in its own unique musical realm.

Metz – Cellophane. New Video. New Album

Toronto’s Metz is finally releasing their new album “Strange Peace” on September 22. I’ve been waiting for this one for a while. Steve Albini is at the helm recording this one. It’s gonna be good! In the meantime, get your “twilight zone” on with their trippy new video. I believe it might be near impossible to not draw comparisons to raw early Nirvana. But of course that isn’t a bad thing at all. Enjoy!